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The New SDS
Christopher Phelps
posted April 2, 2007 (April 16, 2007 issue)
Twenty-year-old Will Klatt, wearing a green knit hat, baggy jeans and black jacket pulled over a hoodie, stands before a Civil War monument at the center of Ohio University's main campus in Athens. Although a February snow is falling steadily, more than a hundred students have turned out for this rally called by a new organization with a very familiar name: Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)...

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From the Desk of Caroline Fredrickson
Director, ACLU Washington Legislative Office
Dear Friend,
States from Maine to Montana are in revolt against Congress's REAL ID scheme. By adding your voice today, you can help us prevent this 'Real Nightmare' from becoming a reality....

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Release of PFAW Gonzales Must Go Toolkit
Today Thursday in Washington, all eyes were on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales as he testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the firing of eight U.S. attorneys. Some members of Congress who have not yet made up their mind on Gonzales are treating Thursday's hearing as the AG's "day in court" - a last chance for him to defend himself.

But how does one defend an indefensible record?

Now is the time to ramp up our efforts to make it known to Congress, the White House and the public that Gonzales Must Go. That's why PFAW has built a resource page for activists like you to use in your communities and in your own grassroots advocacy.

The resources on this page combine to form a toolkit for activism. From it, you can:...

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Yes - Immediately
62% (8 votes)
No - Not Now, Not Ever
0% (0 votes)
Maybe in the Future
38% (5 votes)
Total votes: 13
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We Are NOT Buying It!

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It's Time to Come HomeIt's Time to Come Home

On March 19th, 2007 organizers and volunteers commemorated the 4th anniversary of the Iraq war by setting up and displaying 3400+ luminaries around the paths and walkways of Lake Ella in downtown Tallahassee.

Hundreds of Tallahasseeans and folks from the area came for a stroll and  reflection  of the toll the Iraq Invasion and Occupation has taken on our sons and daughters. Not all remained silent, as many a conversation about getting OUT of IRAQ was witnessed.

View the pictorial essay of the event starting just before dusk and extending 'til after sundown.

Both serene and sobering, the views around Lake Ella provided ample opportunity for reflection on the events of the past four years and where we as a country are headed in the future.

The event was one of thousands of protests organized nationally by United for Peace and Justice and to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the Iraq Occupation.
(Pictorial Essay)
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