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CODEPINK Women for Peace
May 19, 2007
Do you remember summer camp? The excitement of leaving home, spending time with old and new friends, learning new skills, feeling a sense of shared purpose. You can experience that again this summer with CODEPINK--probably with less mosquito bites; definitely with more meaning.

You can get a glimpse of the summer-peace-camp feel--and the deep impact--of our DC house in this fabulous front page feature from the Capitol Hill daily, Roll Call: "CODEPINK: On the Hill to Stay".

This June and July, CODEPINK is hosting a Peace Surge in DC--week-long activist trainings with daily actions in Congress. These trainings dovetail perfectly with our efforts to keep constant pressure on Congress to bring our troops home, and our work to build a strong women-initiated peace movement throughout the U.S. If you are interested in building the skills and confidence to organize locally and deepen your commitment to peace work, please apply to join us in DC this summer! (

Immerse yourself in the exciting actions CODEPINK is creating in Congress every day; learn how to reach out to the media, create great visuals, and speak effectively about ending the war. Spend six nights living in our DC house-strategize, sing, laugh, cook, and learn with women from all over the country! Plus, hear from experts about the current situation in Iraq, find out how a bill really becomes a law, and discover how you can make a deeper impact with CODEPINK's campaigns in your home city. We guarantee you will leave feeling inspired and empowered. Click here to learn more: ( To get a flavor for our daily actions in Congress, check out our blog ( For further inspiration, read this article by Medea Benjamin.(

In addition to our trainings, the DC CODEPINK Activist house will also house some long-term CODEPINK organizers. If you are a skilled activist interested in living in the house for a longer period of time and assisting with organizing our CODEPINK campaigns and trainings, please fill out the housing application and include your interest in working with us in DC and your activist experience.

One house resident, Barbara from New Hampshire, writes, "I have made a slew of new acquaintances, been energized by some of the most knowledgeable activists in the peace community, been given a chance to sit in and contribute to their on-going efforts toward a more just and saner world. The CODEPINK House couldn't have been more welcoming. I feel that whatever I have to give, whatever strengths are within me, here is a place that wants and needs it. I hope that you too will accept their invitation and come on down to D.C." (Read more here)

We knew we were entering Washington DC lore when the front page of the Washington Post announced after the Alberto Gonzales hearing: "The Senate Judiciary Committee goes CODEPINK on Gonzales"! Going CODEPINK now means exposing the wrongdoings of the powerful, giving them a public dressing down, holding them accountable.

This is precisely what CODEPINK has been doing in DC. We not only bring a flash of hot pink to the sea of drab gray and black Congressional suits, but we are busting through the inside-the-beltway politics with a refreshing dash of people power. We invite you to join us on "The Hill" and help us paint the town PINK!

If you can't make it to DC this summer, you can support our trainings by making a generous donation to CODEPINK. Your support helps us pay the rent at the DC House, buy pink fabric, dye our pink police uniforms, and keep up our daily pink presence. Click here to donate online today.

Let's make this a powerful summer of resistance! We hope to see you soon in DC or Atlanta. Many thanks for all the energy, time, and heart that you put into your peace work.

We look forward to seeing you around our campfire!

From our DC home to your home,
Dana, Desiree, Farida, Gael, Gayle, Jodie, Lori, Medea, Melissa, Midge, Nancy, Patricia, Rae, Samantha, and Sonia

P.S. You can also join us at the first-ever US Social Forum in Atlanta ( from June 27-July 1. CODEPINK will gather with activists from all over the world to explore the theme "Another World is Possible-Another U.S. Is Necessary!" We'll host inspiring panel discussions, trainings, and all night social gatherings and dance parties. The Forum is sure to be a historic experience, a lively opportunity to meet with other peace and justice workers to network, share our visions, and decide how we can work together to change the world. For more information and to sign up to join us in Atlanta, click here:

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