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On Wed. May 2nd, fifty or more Tallahassee area citizen activists converged in front of the Old Capital to protest Bush's veto of the emergency supplemental bill proferred by Congress. The high energy action was part of nationwide protests called for by United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) and
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Some human impeachment pics from around the country from the national A28 actions last week...
Coney Island, NY
Coney Island, NY
San Francisco, CA
"April 28 was the second Beach Impeach, and this time over 1,500 people came to San Francisco's Ocean Beach to make sure the message was even bigger and bolder. This time the letters were one hundred feet tall, and said IMPEACH NOW!"
San Francisco, CA
(more w/videos on the inside)

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Towards the end of what would otherwise have been a peaceful march and rally, LAPD riot police fired rubber bullets into a crowd of immigration reform demonstrators in Los Angeles Tuesday, May 1, 2007... (more videos below the fold)

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National Immigrant Solidarity Network, ActionLA Coalition
Statement on LAPD Brutally Attacks May Day Immigrant Marchers at McArthur Park
May 1, 2007 10:00 PM PST

National Immigrant Solidarity Network and Action LA is outraged to learn that at about 6:30 PM, May 1, the LAPD fired rubber bullets and tear gas into crowds of hundreds of people at the May Day rally in McArthur Park. This was after the police had declared an unlawful assembly. Most of the people present did not hear or know about the police declaration..

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UFPJ Stands with Immigrant Communities to Challenge Bush’s Policies at Home and Abroad

On May 1, immigrant communities and rights groups across the country will vigil, march, boycott and rally for justice. Last year, more than a million marched on May 1 for immigration law reform.

In solidarity, United for Peace and Justice urges our member groups to join the May 1 activities in communities near you. We join the call for justice for immigrant communities as we challenge the Bush administration’s policies both at home and abroad.

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We Are NOT Buying It!

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