St. Pete for Peace 10 Year Anniversary Video

Submitted by tnjp on March 12, 2013 - 5:13pm.

St. Pete for Peace 10 year anniversary video, edited by Tyler Pridemore.

We've participated in hundreds of actions (rallies, marches, demonstrations, protests, cornerings, banner drops, etc.) surrounding these topics:

Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Palestine, Lebanon, Iran, Haiti, Egypt, Quran burning, BP oil spill, bailouts, homeless issues (tent city, Food Not Bombs feedings), gay rights, immigrant rights, police killings, torture photos, weapon manufacturers, Wikileaks, and of course free speech.

We've also shown over 300 free-of-charge socially conscious movies, hosted concerts (David Rovics and Evan Greer), guest speakers (Medea Benjamin and Cindy Sheehan), and hosted a musical radio show on WMNF.

St. Pete for Peace publishes and maintains an array of fact sheets, one of which was published in a college text book. We've also developed and maintained the and websites.

It's because of the efforts of a wide range of people including you, who fight the good fight for others, that we can celebrate 10 years of resistance!!...
Narrative from the video:

St. Pete for Peace started in 2003 amidst the drum beats of war. In very little time, we found our voices and heard of those who used their own for justice, dignity and a world where peace is possible. Quite often many have tried to silence us. But we've learned that silence will not protect us. Through voicing our pain and our dreams, we've connected with others who do the same and with those who seek to begin. Regardless of political party or who's in power, we continue the struggle for a better world. We remind those who profit from war and oppression they are being watched and it's only a matter of time before their system cracks. The struggle extends beyond our city limits and so we've traveled the country and world to show solidarity with others who promote peace and humanity. We've learned that creativity is a valuable tool for lovers and believers of justice, peace, equality and liberation. We've also learned a movement cannot develop without community and so we've worked to develop our own. We're able to stay objective because we echo the insights of those who have come before us -- "everything for everybody and nothing for ourselves." We're not alone and will not stop until the United States lives up to its professed promise of freedom, justice and equality. And until people around the world are no longer subjected to the atrocities of war.

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