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The U.S. government threatens to put Edward Snowden behind bars for life for having dared to reveal to the American people that the government has been secretly spying on each one of us.

The politicians are trying to whip up hatred against Mr. Snowden.

"He's a traitor," stated Republican leader John Boehner on ABC. Not to be outdone, Diane Feinstein, Democratic chairperson of the Senate Intelligence Committee, called Snowden's truth-telling revelations "an act of treason."

We need to send a different message from the People of the United States to Edward Snowden and to the world at large: We thank you and we oppose the surveillance state.

Because of Edward Snowden's heroic action to tell the truth, a nationwide debate has finally opened up on the massive covert spying operation against the American people.

The American people have not given their consent to the government's mass dragnet operation to collect, store and analyze their emails and their telephone calls.

The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund has initiated a new advocacy campaign, The website allows you to post your thanks, upload a photo of yourself with a handwritten message of thanks, download posters and petitions that you can circulate and collect signatures, or simply sign and click to sign on to the simple campaign message: #ThankYouEdSnowden....

The PCJF is engaged in ongoing work in opposition to the surveillance state. We have exposed domestic spying operations against the Occupy movement and other peaceful protests; uncovered the implementation of a mass surveillance grid; and engaged in other litigation and government transparency work in defense of free speech, civil rights and civil liberties.

Edward Snowden understood that there is still a window of opportunity in which political activism can still turn the tide. He knows and we know that the people can still determine that technology be used for our benefit and not as a tool of social and political surveillance or control.

Join the ThankYouEdSnowden campaign:

The campaign has compelling graphic posters that can be downloaded and affixed in our cities and towns across the nation that carry forward the message to demand an end to the surveillance state.

Volunteers are distributing leaflets and collecting signatures on Thank You Ed Snowden petitions.

With your support, the campaign will also be purchasing bus wrappers for routes in Washington, D.C., in and around the White House, U.S. Capitol and centers and avenues of authority. The elites in Washington may not ride the busses, but they can't avoid reading the busses.

The Congress should know, should see a constant visual reminder, that the people of the United States reject the NSA domestic spying program.

We do not believe that the concept of personal privacy and autonomy from the government is a mere historic relic, nor are the First and Fourth Amendments. These are fundamental democratic rights that we will not relinquish.

We need your support for this campaign and to fight back against the surveillance state, because we too believe that the window of opportunity has not closed.

You can join the campaign:

1. Take ten seconds now and sign on to the simple statement: Thank You, Ed Snowden.

2. Optionally, you can upload a photo of yourself or family with a sign expressing why you have signed onto the campaign.

3. Download the petition and collect signatures from your friends, family, fellow students and co-workers. If you belong to a community or faith-based organization collect signatures.

4. Donate to support the Washington, D.C., bus wrappers and to fight back against the surveillance state.

5. Download the campaign posters and place them in your windows or wherever they will be visible. Post them lawfully where permitted on public space in your towns, cities and in places across the nation.


Carl Messineo
Legal Director

Mara Verheyden-Hilliard
Executive Director


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