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6 ITEMS 2 NEW 9 Links of Interest 08MAY2007


New/Changed items indicated with =

item 1 Eternal Capitol Peace Vigil -

=item 2 CODE PINK "Women Stand for Peace" 13MAY2007

item 3 The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering 13MAY2007

=item 4 Call for WOMEN artists for Healing Night 01JUL2007

item 5 9 Links of interest

item 6 Sister Sheila Salmon, Political Prisoner, Arrives FCI 17APR2007

Local Links

item 1 Tallahassee Progressive Center
From the North take South Monroe to Palmer; turn left and East at the traffic light at Palmer; take first right and South onto So. Gadsden .
Progressive Center is half way down the block on the right. The center is the large white building with ample parking. The Center is ~1 mile south of the Capitol.

item 2 Environment Florida
Environment Florida is the new home of Florida PIRG's environmental work.

item 3 Tallahassee Zydeco & Cajun Association page

item 4 Slow Food Tallahassee

item 5 Heart of the Earth Friday Night Move Schedule

item 6 WEMOONSPIRT Programs

item 7 Apalachee Tortoise

item 8 Tallahassee Democrat's Calender

item 9 Tallahassee Film Society.

item 10 Clean Water Network of Florida
CWNF has a daily list of statewide news clips on Florida's environmental issues, plus a Blog on which you can share your thoughts about current environmental issues and much more.

item 11 BBCAT specifically for climate/energy events:

item 12 Tallahassee Contra-dance

item 13 Removal and Submission Instructions
To be removed soonest forward this message to with UNSUBSCRIBE as the subject

To be added send me a message with subscribe in the subject line.
Often people ask how they got on this list. Well. I've given up spending a lot of time asking why about anything, especially horrible things, happen. I'm far more interested in how to fix it. But anyway, there are several methods to get on this list.
1] Put your email address down at anything or anywhere that looks like the stuff I post.
2] Have a mutual friend with me that sends both of us a post.
3] Post to a list serve I'm on.
4] Be recommended by a friend.
5] Ask

Submit announcements two to three weeks in advance of event in plain text in the body of the email.
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item 1 Eternal Capitol Vigil Sunday & Thursday
Join the Tallahassee Network for Justice and Peace, Veterans for Peace, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Military Families Speak Out, Gold Star Families for Peace, Code Pink
Sundays 12:30-2:30
Thursdays 4:00-6:00
in front of the Old Capitol

=item 2 World Fair Trade Day 12MAY2007
Ten Thousand Villages will be celebrating World Fair Trade Day, Sat. May 12th, from 11am-4pm. Joins us for entertainment from local musicians playing world music, food from Soul Vegetarian Restaurant, chair massage, henna tattoos, and fair trade coffee tasting. Book signing by Gladys Gikiri. Film screening of "Black Gold" in the Market Square Pavilion at 8pm - bring your lawn chairs! Call for more info: 850-906-9010.
Ten Thousand Villages is a non-profit store supporting artisans in developing countries. They are paid a fair wage for their work and use sustainable, eco-friendly materials.

=item 3 CODE PINK "Women Stand for Peace" 13MAY2007

item 4 The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering 13MAY2007
The women of Ohio, U.S.A., call upon the women of the world, from day-old babies to our most senior elders, to stand with us on May 13, 2007, to save the world. Our project is based on Sharon Mehdi's book The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering. If you don't know the story, a summary of the original version is on the website

If you think it is appropriate, please send this message on to all of the women throughout the world who you think might like to join us. We will be standing for the world's children and grandchildren, and for the seven generations beyond them.

We dream of a world where all of our children have safe drinking water, clean air to breathe, and enough food to eat. A world where they have access to a basic education to develop their minds and healthcare to nurture their growing bodies. A world where they have a warm, safe, and loving place to call home. A world where they don't live in fear of violence--in their home, in their neighborhood, in their school, or in their world. This is the world of which we dream.

This is the cause for which we will stand.

If you share this dream, please stand with us for five minutes of silence at 1 p.m. your local time on May 13, 2007, in front of the Old Capitol to signify your agreement with this statement. We ask you to invite the men and boys who you care about to join you. We ask that you bring bells to ring at 1 p.m. to signify the beginning of the five minutes of silence and to ring again to signify the end of the period of silence.

=Item 5 Call for WOMEN artists for Healing Night 14JUL2007
From now through July 1 ~
Call for WOMEN artists for Healing Night - Let Your Voice Be Heard
WOMEN are invited to display any type of creative object, read their written work or act in any type of performance piece they choose.

Art can be offered anonymously. Healing Night is an evening when women showcase art/writing/stage performances inspired by women’s experience with domestic or family violence, sexual abuse or assault, child abuse or other forms of interpersonal violence.

Held on July 14th at 7pm, at Unitarian Universalist Church of Tallahassee
2810 N. Meridian Rd.
Contact: Vicki Spray, 850-322-6944,
or Robin McDougall, 850-212-0670,

item 6 9 Links of interest

1 - Why There Was No Exit Plan
For all the talk about timetables and benchmarks, one might think that the United States will end the military occupation of Iraq within the lifetimes of the readers of this opinion editorial. Think again.

2 - Baghdad up close and personal:
Pepe Escobar, is back in Iraq and in the Red Zone - that is, outside "Fortress USA", the Green Zone. This is the first of his unembedded, non-Kevlar-protected, bodyguardless reports.

3 - IRAQ-SYRIA: Iraqi doctors welcome refugee agency contribution for hospitals
DAMASCUS, 1 May (IRIN) - Iraqi doctors in Damascus have welcomed the announcement today by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) that it is contributing US $2 million to the Syrian Ministry of Health towards the strengthening of medical facilities available for more than one million Iraqi refugees in Syria.

4 - Tomgram: Patrick Cockburn, Iraq Dismantled
Patrick Cockburn has been hailed by Sidney Blumenthal in Salon as "one of the most accurate and intrepid journalists in Iraq." And that's hardly praise enough, given what the man has done. The Middle Eastern correspondent for the British newspaper The Independent, he's been on the spot from the moment when, in February 2003, he secretly crossed the Tigris River into Iraq just before the Bush administration launched its invasion.

5 - IRAQ: Residents come together to help displaced families
BAGHDAD, 1 May (IRIN) - Some families in Baghdad have started working together to collect food and essential items for displaced people living in makeshift camps on the outskirts of the capital - an initiative that has been welcomed by local NGOs.

6 - IRAQ: Baghdad Christians flee as violence against them mounts
BAGHDAD, 3 May (IRIN) - Thousands of Iraqis from minority groups live in fear of their lives. Kamar Anuar, a 44-year-old Christian, has abandoned his home after he found a threatening letter in his garden, signed by an alleged Islamist group, telling him to convert to Islam or leave the country.

7 - IRAQ: Palestinians refugees despair after year marooned between Iraq and Syria
DAMASCUS, 3 May (IRIN) - Over 1,000 Iraqi-Palestinian refugees stranded in camps on the Syrian-Iraqi borders are sinking into despair as their situation continues to deteriorate and a solution to their plight remains elusive.

8 - IRAQ: Violence hampering efforts to tackle IDPs
BAGHDAD, 3 May (IRIN) - The United Nations Refugees Agency (UNHCR) has welcomed the Iraq government's efforts to tackle internal displacement issues, but analysts say much more needs to be done.

9 - Leishmaniasis
Spread of disease tied to US combat deployments
WASHINGTON -- A parasitic disease rarely seen in United States but common
in the Middle East has infected an estimated 2,500 US troops in the last
four years because of massive deployments to remote combat zones in Iraq and
Afghanistan, military officials said.

item 7 Sister Sheila Salmon, Political Prisoner, Arrives FCI 17APR2007
On Monday, January 29 - 2007, Sister Sheila Salmon was sentenced to 3 months & 10 days in federal prison for crossing the line onto the military base as part of her participation in the SOA protest last year. Her report date is April 17, 2007 and she will serve at Tallahassee Federal Correctional Institute.

Sister Sheila Salmon, 70, is a member of the Sisters of the Humility of Mary, headquartered at Villa Maria, PA. Sister Sheila, a registered nurse, has ministered in the greater Cleveland, OH area, most recently with Hospice of the Western Reserve. She was also a missionary in Chile and worked with AIDS orphans in Kenya. She currently serves as an outreach worker with Mexican migrants, abused and neglected children and hospice patients in Sebastian, FL.

You can write Sheila at:
SHEILA T. SALMON #92953-020

Sister Sheila's Statement:

My name is Sheila Salmon and I am a member of the Sisters of the Humility of Mary. With other members of my religious community I have participated in the peaceful protest at Fort Benning for the last nine years. At this time I will not reiterate the innumerable human rights violations, torture, murders and massacres attributed to graduates of the School of Americas/WHINSEC. These activities are extensively documented and well known by the Court. Instead I will talk about faithfulness to the God of peace and justice.

Reflecting back to November 19th of last year, you may wonder why I crossed the line. Simply put, I did what I did because for me it was the right thing to do.

My act of non-violent resistance was done for the following reasons:

1. I am a Christian and have no choice but to follow in Jesus' footsteps.

2. As a member of the Humility of Mary Community I want to live out our commitment to act in solidarity
with women and children and those who are marginalized and to be non-violent in all of my relationships.

3. Speak out for those who have no voice - speaking truth to power no matter what it will cost me

4. Make a bold public stance for peace and justice.
5. Raise up in prayerful memory the thousands of people killed by SOA/WHINSEC graduates especially

* the four church women ? two from my hometown of Cleveland, Jean Donovan and Dorothy Kazel.

* Rafael Giron, brother of a friend and * Fr. Wilfredo Alarcon, a friend and co-worker from Chile.

Friends and family members have asked, Do you really think your act of civil disobedience will influence
the government enough to close the school?? I honestly do not know the answer to that question. But I do know that if my action hastens the closing of the school by even one day, this act of civil disobedience was worthwhile.

Judge Faircloth, I am willing to joyfully accept the sentence to federal prison which you will impose. It is a small price to pay for my action and beliefs.

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