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Friends Committee on National Legislation [The Quakers] WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER yard signs are now available in Tallahassee at the Eternal Peace Vigil and Quarter Moon Imports

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item 1 Eternal Capitol Peace Vigil

=item 2 "Sustainable Big Bend Living Center" 28 JUL2007
Planning Meeting

=item 3 25 links of interest

item 4 Removal and Submission Instructions is my new address

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item 1 Eternal Capitol Vigil Sunday & Thursday
Join the Tallahassee Network for Justice and Peace, Veterans for Peace, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Military Families Speak Out, Gold Star Families for Peace, Code Pink
Sundays 12:30-2:30
Thursdays 4:00-6:00
in front of the Old Capitol

=item 2 "Sustainable Big Bend Living Center" 28 JUL2007
Calling all environmentalists, and alternative thinkers - we need your energy. A large storefront on North Monroe street could be home to a new public outreach effort. It is tentatively being called "Sustainable Big Bend - Green Living Center" as a descriptive name until enough people step forward to make it happen and decide upon a name and the final location. The new Sustainable Big organization is also a reason for this name and the name is broad enough to include everyone. This initial space is a very good location though, and we are calling a meeting Saturday at 10:00am at the location so everyone has a chance to envision the space and how this environmental education and demonstration zone can reach a larger public. It is the former bed and furniture store next to Decent Pizza across from Café Cabernet and Masa restaurants. Park at El Tapatio Mexican restaurant or at Decent Pizza (1026 N. Monroe) and join us. If you are late for the meeting and space viewing meet us at Decent Pizza for lunch at 11:30 am for a follow up discussion. We would like to see members of the Progressive Center, Heart of the Earth, BBCAT - Big Bend Climate Action Team, Sierra Club and everyone else who cares to join us. If you just can not make it email Allen Joseph at
Visit and sign up at the "marketplace".

=ITEM 3 25 Items of Interest
25 Links of Interest

"But I know now that there is not a chance in hell of America becoming humane and reasonable. Because power corrupts us, and absolute power corrupts us absolutely. Human beings are chimpanzees who get crazy drunk on power. By saying that our leaders are power-drunk chimpanzees, am I in danger of wrecking the morale of our soldiers fighting and dying in the Middle East? Their morale, like so many lifeless bodies, is already shot to pieces. They are being treated, as I never was, like toys a rich kid got for Christmas.":
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Action 5 Items
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US 3 Items
IRAQ 8 Items
OPT 2 Items

VotersForPeace Toolkit for Democracy for those who want to run for office as a peace candidate.
VotersForPeace was launched in March, 2006 with the goal of organizing anti-war Americans as voters who were willing to vote their values. In the lead up to the 2006 elections, we heard from many that they faced Congressional races where there were no real "peace candidates". While some had the option of choosing a candidate outside the major parties, many had no good option at all. We came up with a name for this: The Peace Voter's Dilemma.
Now we face primary season for the 2008 election cycle with many Congressional seats and the Presidency up for grabs. At our Spring VotersForPeace board meeting with Cindy Sheehan, David Swanson, Rev. Yearwood, Kevin Zeese, Tina Richards, and Geoff Millard (IVAW) in attendance, we asked, "What is the most politically effective action a peace voter can take this year"?

As peace activists, we unanimously concluded that engaging the electoral system, exercising the muscles of our democracy, and participating as peace candidates was among the most effective tactics available for pushing the debate on the issues, intensifying the pressure on incumbents, and educating our fellow voters - to end the occupation of Iraq and prevent future wars. In fact, we think every peace activist has a duty to seriously ask themselves the question:

Should YOU be a Peace Candidate?

THE LOWDOWN: What's SCHIP, and why should I care about such a wonky sounding acronym? SCHIP is the State Children's Health Insurance Program, which is a federal block grant program that provides critical funding to states so that they can give health coverage to millions of children whose families cannot afford it. Yes, it may sound wonky, but when 1 in 9 children in our country are without any healthcare coverage, we need all the wonky sounding policies we can get to cover more kids. SCHIP is essentially a state health insurance program that covers children who are falling through the healthcare cracks. Congress needs to reauthorize this important healthcare program by September 30th so millions of children don't lose coverage.

Please call or write to your elected officials today and tell them to drop the oil law benchmark and cease all U.S. pressure on the Iraqis to pass the Oil Law. Tell them it is unacceptable that the US has any role in determining the future of Iraq's oil industry-especially when it is being written to primarily benefit US companies. Email your members of Congress, or you can reach your members by calling the Congressional Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and asking for your member's office.

Benchmark Boogie: A Guide to the Struggle Over Iraq\'s Oil
The ongoing dance between Bush, the Congress, and the Iraqi government; an update on the current status of the proposed oil laws; and some steps you can take to stop the hijacking of Iraq's oil.

The recent declassification of a Pentagon Inspector General's report makes it clear that the U.S. military has used abusive interrogation techniques developed with the aid of psychologists. Please join me in asking our Members of Congress to fully investigate the techniques used in CIA and Department of Defense interrogations, those who authorized them, and the
involvement of health professional in these abusive practices.

If you go to the URL below you can check out what is at stake and send your own message directly to your Members of Congress.

Questions Unasked, Answers Never Volunteered
By Ira Chernus
Pity the poor Democratic candidates for president, caught between Iraq and a hard place. Every day, more and more voters decide that we must end the war and set a date to start withdrawing our troops from Iraq. Most who will vote in the Democratic primaries concluded long ago that we must leave Iraq, and they are unlikely to let anyone who disagrees with them have the party's nomination in 2008.

But what does it mean to "leave Iraq"? Here's where most of the Democratic candidates come smack up against that hard place. There is a longstanding bipartisan consensus in the foreign-policy establishment that the U.S. must control every strategically valuable region of the world -- and none more so than the oil heartlands of the planet. That's been a hard-and-fast rule of the elite for some six decades now. No matter how hard the task may be, they demand that presidents be rock-hard enough to get the job done.

A Free Press or a Ministry of Truth? By Paul Craig Roberts
In his novel 1984, George Orwell portrayed a future time in which the explanations of recent events and earlier history are continually changed to meet Big Brother's latest purpose. Previous explanations disappear down "the memory hole." Sound familiar? Any American who pays attention can observe the identical phenomenon occurring in the US today.

Time To Wage War On The The "Winning The War In Iraq" Lie--
It is time that the politicians on the left start taking a stand calling the "war on terror" and the idea of "winning in Iraq" the bogus lies that they really are, and the people who are still under spell as the dupes of the propaganda assault that they are being duped. It's time that we start using the language against the parties that are pushing for the war, like charging the oil companies with war profiteering

No Child Left Alive
Iraqi children who haven't been blown up or burned alive by car bombs may not be the lucky ones.

Millions -- yes, millions -- of Iraqi kids have fled their homes, and many of those youngsters are now parentless.

Families fleeing violence set up improvised camps
BABIL, 22 July (IRIN) - Thousands of Iraqis have been setting up their own improvised displacement camps after fleeing violence in their home areas and being turned away from already overcrowded formal camps.

Iraq unions vow 'mutiny' over oil law :
"This law cancels the great achievements of the Iraq people," Subhi al-Badri, head of the Iraqi Federation of Union Councils, told the al-Sharqiyah TV station. He referred specifically to laws that nationalized Iraq's oil sector.

Privileged Grotesques, Ordinary Monsters And The Iraqi Deathscape By Phil Rockstroh
At present, George W. Bush is unpopular with the majority of the American public not because of the murderous mayhem he has unloosed in Iraq; rather, his standing has plummeted, due to the fact, he didn't deliver the goods.

In a mid-year report issued on July 17, the International Organization for Migration warned that the rate at which Iraqis are being driven from their homes since the bombing of the Al-Askari Mosque in February 2006 has not subsided.

Traumatised Iraqi children suffer psychological damage
BAGHDAD, 16 July (IRIN) - The UN Children's Agency (UNICEF) said in its update last week on the plight of Iraqi children that the number of war orphans was rising because of the high civilian death toll. UNICEF is increasingly concerned that the number of vulnerable children in Iraq has outstripped the country's capacity to care for them.

The Illegalities of the Iraq War By Robert Fantina
In the four years since the United States and its so-called 'Coalition of the Willing' invaded the sovereign nation of Iraq, only one stated goal has been accomplished: the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. Peace and democracy are simply pipe dreams, the continued fantasies of a deluded U.S. president and his gaggle of yes-men who all choose to remain oblivious to Iraq's bloody civil war.

Civilians paying the price in Taliban conflict
GHERISHK, 16 July (IRIN) - The nascent national Afghani army has struggled to provide protection to civilians living under strict Taliban rule in many towns and villages in the south, which have a long history of resistance to occupation forces. Traditional village schools, or madrassas, are the primary source of new Taliban fighters.

Terrorists Winning The War On Terror
There was a time when we were leading peaceful and happy life. Though we the people of Bajaur Agency, tribal areas were poor, but still we have been leading a happy life. Then all of sudden everything has changed. Terrorists have arrived in our areas, who snathed everything from the poor tribesmen. Now we have to lead a miserable life full of pain, fear and terror.

Northern Afghanistan Faces New Security Threat
Former warlords apparently exploiting Kabul’s preoccupation with violence-plagued south to stake claim on their old fiefdoms.

Herat Women Thirst for Education
Women in this western city are flocking to literacy classes, which are transforming their lives.

Al-Qaeda is getting stronger everywhere, except in George Bush's mind

UN says Gaza needs $30m in aid
JERUSALEM, 16 July (IRIN) - The UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees, UNRWA, has issued an urgent call for US$30 million in aid for Gaza, as the borders remain shut for all but humanitarian aid and food supplies.

A Racist Jewish State:
Every day the Knesset has the option of passing laws that will advance Israel as a democratic Jewish state or turn it into a racist Jewish state. There is a very thin line between the two. This week, the line was crossed.

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