WikiLeaks Iraq War Logs Media Coverage Round-up

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Full coverage of the Iraq war logs - Guardian UK
The Iraq War Logs - Bureau of Investigative Journalism
The War Logs - NY Times
Iraq War Logs - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten
The Secret Iraq Files - Al Jazeera

The Iraq War Logs

Biggest Document Leak in History Exposes Real War

US troops fail to record civilian deaths in one of Iraq’s biggest battles

Allegations of prisoner abuse by US troops after Abu Ghraib

Hundreds of civilians gunned down at checkpoints

Iraq’s bloodiest month: December 2006

15,000 new civilian deaths uncovered in leaked files

Syrian intelligence agents linked to al Qaeda in Iraq

Guardian UK

Iraq war logs: secret files show how US ignored torture

Iraq war logs: US turned over captives to Iraqi torture squads

Iraq war logs: Operation Steel Curtain and its 25 ignored civilian casualties

Iraq war logs: Battle for Samarra killed dozens of innocent people

Iraq war logs: UN calls on Obama to investigate human rights abuses

Iraq war logs: Apache crew killed insurgents who tried to surrender

NY Times

The Iraq Archive: The Strands of a War - WikiLeaks Documents... More below the fold

Leaked Reports Detail Iran's Aid for Iraqi Militias - WikiLeaks Documents

A Grim Portrait of Civilian Deaths in Iraq - WikiLeaks Documents

Detainees Fared Worse in Iraqi Hands, Logs Say

Growing Use of Contractors Added to War’s Chaos

WikiLeaks Founder on the Run, Trailed by Notoriety

Defense Department’s Response

Al Jazeera English

The Secret Iraq Files - Al Jazeera English - Watch the hour long special report.

Interactive: A map of violence

Showcase: Read selected reports

Interactive: Visualize the data

Photo gallery: The Iraq war in pictures

Iraq claims 'must be investigated'

US turned blind eye to torture

Iraq files reveal checkpoint deaths

'Crazy Horse' and collateral damage

Independent UK

Huge dossier of secret files shows the US ignored torture of Iraqis

This is about the truth, says Wikileaks founder

British troops accused of abusing prisoners in first days of invasion

Jerome Taylor: Wikileaks has revelled in its new found notoriety

Patrick Cockburn: Echoes of El Salvador in tales of US-approved death squads

Baghdad to investigate role of Blackwater in deaths


Obama Administration Handed Over Detainees Despite Reports of Torture

Iraq: Hundreds of Civilians Gunned Down at Checkpoints


Pentagon asks media not to publish war leaks

US bracing for major leak of secret Iraq war files

Iraq war leaks: No U.S. investigation of many abuses

British deputy PM: Investigate Iraq leak claims

Leaked Iraq war files portray weak, divided nation


US under pressure on WikiLeaks allegations

WikiLeaks files show 'truth' on Iraq war: Assange

Iraq should probe army torture reports: Human Rights Watch group

US tried to stop prisoner abuse: Army general

China paper slams US after WikiLeaks claims

Leaked documents recount tales known by every Iraqi - Yahoo! News

Iraq secret files detail shadow war between US, Iran - Yahoo! News


WikiLeaks Documents Detail Rape, Abuse, Murder

WikiLeaks Iraq War Logs: No Evidence of Massive WMD Caches - World Watch - CBS News

Daniel Ellsberg: Woodward Should Give Afghan Docs to WikiLeaks

NYT: WikiLeaks Reveal Iran's Aid for Iraqi Militias


WikiLeaks says logs show 15,000 more Iraq deaths

Iraqi officials vow to probe any abuse cases

No surprises seen in WikiLeaks Iraq war data: Pentagon

The Christian Science Monitor

Five bombshells from WikiLeaks' Iraq war documents -

WikiLeaks defends its release of classified documents on Iraq War

Iraq's Maliki says Wikileaks documents could be used in court -

The Daily Beast

10 Most Shocking Secrets From the WikiLeaks Files

The General on WikiLeaks, Karzai & New Media

WikiLeaks Exposes Rumsfelds Lies

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