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The Courage to Stand Up Against War Crimes BY Scott Horton
PUBLISHED May 18, 2007
Lieutenant Commander Matthew Diaz has been acquitted on accusations of trying to “aid the enemy” but convicted on counts of passing classified information, reports the Associated Press. He thus emerges as the latest in a long line of military martyrs–including James Yee and Ian Fishback–who have suffered persecution for their opposition to the use of torture and other criminal practices in Guantanamo and other detention facilities. His conviction comes on the same day on which the House of Representatives, in the face of a veto threat from President Bush, voted to close the Guantánamo detention facilities. The Dallas Morning News publishes an account of the Diaz court-martial today, with a brief interview with Commander Diaz. He describes his frustration with official policies of lawlessness and dishonor that led him to take a decisive act of protest: ...

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If you wanna try and keep score, Slate has an excellent expose' on the various Bushnik and RepubliCon scandals. An amusing interactive flash presentation and much more thorough text version laying out quite a few (if not most) of the myriad scandals dragging down the CrippledChimp and the moribund GOPers...
Bushies Behaving Badly - A guide to GOP scandals By Holly Allen, Christopher Beam, and Torie Bosch Friday, May 11, 2007
Paul Wolfowitz in the World Bank With Nepotism
The World Bank president and "Iraq war architect" allegedly helped his girlfriend get a generous salary package and promotion when she transferred to the State Department. Wolfowitz said an ethics panel approved the deal, but the panel denies it. An investigative committee found that the deal was a conflict of interest. (He apparently helped her career in the past, too.) Wolfowitz critics also allege that he used his position at the bank to promote a conservative agenda on family planning and global warming...
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