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Anti-war Iraq veterans handcuffed and detained at Ft. Jackson
posted Jun 29 2007
COLUMBIA, SC – Five members of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) were handcuffed and detained by police at Ft. Jackson today after attempting to meet a fellow IVAW member who is stationed on the base for lunch. Ft. Jackson is the most recent stop of the group’s bus tour of military bases in the Southeast to outreach to active duty troops and listen to their stories.

After checking in at the visitors entrance with civilian i.d.s and heading over to the Post Exchange at around 11:30 AM, a police officer approached the group of veterans and warned that they were not permitted to hand out any literature. Then, several officers detained the veterans outside. When asked why they were being held, the police answered that it was illegal for them to wear t-shirts that read, “Iraq Veterans Against the War.” The veterans were then hand-cuffed and taken to the military police station...

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Operation First Casualty NYC - another great short film...

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Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) members bring the truth of the occupation of Iraq to the streets of Chicago

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Update: a message from Eli Israel posted Jun 22 2007
Soldier in Iraq Refuses Combat Mission - On June 19, Army Spc Eleon “Eli” Israel put himself at great personal risk by making the courageous decision to refuse further participation in the U.S. occupation of Iraq. The following is an update from Eli.

"Thank you for your support. I am currently "OK", thanks in no small part I'm sure to the voices that have spoken up in the name of peace. I don't know what the military's next steps are going to be, but my deeply held beliefs prevent me from participating in this or any other war....

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Marines target 2nd IVAW member for public stance against war
The US Marine Corps is at it again trying to "silence the free speech and assault the First Amendment rights" of veterans according to Sergeant Liam Madden. Liam, an IVAW member and Appeal for Redress co-founder held a press conference yesterday (June 7th) in Boston, MA announcing that the Marine Corps is investigating him for "unauthorized wear of the military uniform and disloyal statement."...

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via Truthout... Stories of those left behind in Bush's wars of aggression. Seldom reported on by the MSM is the whole new generation of the psychologically wounded homeless veterans to be...

The War Inside By Dana Priest and Anne Hull The Washington Post Sunday 17 June 2007
Troops are returning from the battlefield with psychological wounds, but the mental-health system that serves them makes healing difficult.

Army Spec. Jeans Cruz helped capture Saddam Hussein. When he came home to the Bronx, important people called him a war hero and promised to help him start a new life. The mayor of New York, officials of his parents' home town in Puerto Rico, the borough president and other local dignitaries honored him with plaques and silk parade sashes. They handed him their business cards and urged him to phone.

But a "black shadow" had followed Cruz home from Iraq, he confided to an Army counselor. He was hounded by recurring images of how war really was for him: not the triumphant scene of Hussein in handcuffs, but visions of dead Iraqi children...

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Kokesh Penalty Reduced to General Discharge By Dave Helling Wednesday 13 June 2007
Marine commander Lt. Gen. John Bergman today announced he had endorsed a review board recommendation that Cpl. Adam Kokesh get a "general discharge under honorable conditions."

Bergman levied the penalty on Kokesh for his actions in a March war protest and his subsequent obscene communication with a superior officer. With the sanction, Kokesh will keep his veterans' benefits.

But the corporal, who is now a student at George Washington University, said he'll appeal. "We can't drop this," he said. "No precedent has been established. The Marine Corps got away with something in this case." ...

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OFC II: Reliving a Nightmare by Paul Abernathy Sat, 06/02/2007
I can remember it as if it had happened yesterday. It was April 9, 2003 at the Dyala River Checkpoint we had set up with the Marines in Baghdad. I had seen so much up to that point, enough death to last many lifetimes and yet little did I know my tour of duty in Iraq was actually just beginning. The scenario that morning involved nearly 200 U.S. troops and well over 1000+ Iraqi civilians, all trying to enter the heart of the city to check on loved ones cut off in the fighting. We, however, received orders to prevent them from entering at all costs and as the hours passed, Iraqi frustration increased. Suddenly the large crowd of Iraqi civilians turned into an angry mob demanding we leave at once. Immediately, we responded to the riot as harshly as we could. How clearly I remember the screams and cries of Iraqis as they watched their loved ones pulled from the crowd by soldiers and marines, beaten and detained for an indefinite period. I remember how we selected the detainees, essentially grabbing those who did not appear to be intimidated by us. That morning we detained Iraqis for what only could have been perceived as walking in their own country like free men and the only thing I can remember thinking is “How can I tell the people back home what happened here?”...

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Tallahassee Anti-War Activists Meet With Congressman Allen Boyd - Meeting Yields Generalities, Platitudes, and a 'Local Colloquialism'

On Monday June 4th a group of Tallahassee area residents representing several local and national anti-war organizations met with Congressman Allen Boyd (FL-D) to demand an end to the Iraq War and bring the troops home. Congressman Boyd greeted the group in the lobby of his offices on Summit Lake Drive east of Tallahassee and then asked his staff to seat us in the conference room.

The meeting began with Lydia Vickers from CodePINK Tallahassee thanking the congressman for his time and thanking him for his vote on HR1591, which had a timetable to bring the troops home. She read a from list of demands that included taking effective action to bring the troops home, using the power of the purse to achieve that goal, and to reject all future funding for the Iraq War unless it is tied to specific withdrawl plans. She then explained that we would each introduce ourselves and talk to him about our concerns in regard to the war in Iraq and bringing the troops home...

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Iraq War Veteran Loses Protest Appeal By HEATHER HOLLINGSWORTH Jun 7, 2:15 AM EDT
KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) -- An Iraq war veteran who was recommended for a general discharge because he wore his uniform to a protest lost his appeal Wednesday for a new hearing. An attorney for Cpl. Adam Kokesh appealed after a military panel Monday recommended kicking him out of the Marines for the uniform infraction and using an obscenity in an e-mail to superior officers.

Kokesh, a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, was pictured in uniform attending the March protest in a photograph that ran in The Washington Post. He said he removed his name tag and military emblems, making it clear he was not representing the military...

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Iraq Veterans Against the War scored a victory for free speech today in Kansas City, MO. A panel of three Marine Corps officers recommended today that Adam Kokesh receive a general discharge under honorable conditions. Adam and his attorney will, however, appeal this finding on the grounds that Adam is entitled to his full honorable discharge. In a seemingly hypocritical contradiction, the Marine Corps panel, as well as the prosecution's key witness, Major Whyte, agreed that the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) does not apply to members of the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR). Regardless of this, several other honorably discharged IVAW members are facing a similar hearing based on their stance against the war. IVAW members will continue to tell the truth about our experiences in Iraq and in the military and fight to bring our brothers and sisters home from Iraq now.

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Marine panel recommends less-severe discharge for corporal Mon, Jun. 04, 2007 By DAVE HELLING
A three-member board of the Marine Corps Mobilization Command has recommended an immediate discharge under general conditions for Cpl. Adam Kokesh.

The recommendation is less severe than the “other than honorable” discharge sought by Corps officials against Kokesh, who was accused of disrespecting an officer and wearing a uniform to an Iraq War protest.

The recommendation now goes to the commanding general of the command for a final decision, expected within the next two weeks...

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Kevin Zeese introduces Marine Mom Tina Richards of Grass Roots America, Garret Reppenhagen Chairman of the Board of Iraq Vets Against the War and Liam Madden, an IVAW member who is facing disciplinary action not only for speaking out while wearing a uniform but for "disloyal" statements while not wearing a uniform...

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Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! The right-wing VFW supports veterans free-speech rights!

In Clash With Marines, Reservists Gain Ally in VFW By David Montgomery 02 June 2007
The national commander of the proud, patriotic, 2.4 million strong Veterans of Foreign Wars (motto: "Honor the dead by helping the living") took one look at the mushrooming dispute between three antiwar Marine reservists and the U.S. Marine Corps, and knew where his sympathies lay: with the protesters.

"What the Marine Corps is trying to do is hush up and punish these individuals who served our country," Gary Kurpius, the national commander, said in a telephone interview. "All they're doing is exercising the same democratic voice we're trying to instill over in Iraq right now." ...

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