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Keep the pressure on! Write a letter to Congress demanding impeachment!

On Saturday, nearly 100,000 people from all walks of life, young and old, of all nationalities and creeds, marched together, united by a single purpose, determined to end the war. The impeachment movement was a huge part of this demonstration and the call for impeachment resounded from the White House to the Capitol. People took buses, trains, vans, and planes from all over the country to make it to Washington DC for the March, and it was reflected in the massive turnout.

The protest included one of the anti-war movement's largest collective acts of civil disobedience. Around 5,000 people laid down in mass as part of a dramatic die-in at the foot of the Capitol steps to symbolize all those lives that have been lost in this destructive war. Another two hundred were arrested when they tried to take an anti-war message to the Congress and were stopped by riot police...

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Now this was interesting. I was ensconced in the basement of the CodePINK house hand coding the Bye Bye Gonzo going away party blog post when a ruckus erupted out front on the sidewalk. Seems a visit was being made by some pro-military types who were expressing their contempt of the CodePINK ladies' peaceful message. Some of the gals were a little ruffled by this appearance and others went outside for an "open meaningful discussion of views". I paid little attention as the situation didn't seem overtly threatening and I sent the wife, Mrs. Cactus, out to take a couple photos and went back to the tedium of preparing a blog post with eleven embedded photos.

Around the time I was making real progress, CodePINK friend Lydia comes in and suggests the pro-military group needs to see some "MEN" come out of the house to show them its not just women in the group. So I figure, what the hey?, and mosey out to take measure of the goings-on...

Submitted by Lydia Vickers on September 12, 2007 - 2:08am.

Report on Monday CodePink disruption of the Petraeus hearing in the House. Led by Tallahassee's own Lydia Vickers (that's her standing on the chair shouting down the 'good' general...

What a fabulous start in D.C. CODEPINK (Desiree, Barbara, Lelsie A., Medea B., Mona, Arizona Liz, and myself), IVAW, Col. Wright, David Swanson and others waited almost four hours this morning to go into the Petreaus Report hearing. CODEPINK co-founder Gael Murphy was refused entrance and tried in vane to get in the room. One of the Capitol officers had his panties in a wad and decided only 7 of us could go in. Even Medea couldn't change his sorry mind. Cindy Sheehan and her sister DeDe arrived about 30 minutes before the hearing started and were refused entrance. The up-tight cop actually gave us little blue pieces of paper with numbers on them 1-7. CPer Debby gave up her number so Col. Wright could get in. In the mean time, The Honorable Rev. Yearwood had been in line with us for about 2 hours. Just as we started to go in he was pulled from the line for "cutting in" - it's sooooooooooo high school.

Full report below the fold....

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Progress in Iraq? Don't buy the BS propaganda...

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SEPTEMBER 11, 2007
1:15 PM

CONTACT: United for Peace and Justice
Sue Udry: 301-325-1201;
Leslie Cagan: 212-868-5545;
Erik Leaver: 202-787-5240

Iraq: The People's Report
WASHINGTON - September 11 -With General Petraeus claiming significant progress in Iraq, United for Peace and Justice, the largest national coalition of peace organizations with some 1,400 member groups, deplores his misleading and cynical report to Congress. The "surge" of U.S. forces in Iraq has not led to security, stability or peace. In fact, this past summer was the deadliest since the war began in 2003. General Petraeus' recommendation to withdraw one Marine unit this month and a bridge combat team sometime in December comes nowhere near ending the U.S. military engagement in Iraq...

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Let's Whip Congress Into Shape!
The collective power of the peace movement helped the Democrats take control of Congress and turn Nancy Pelosi from Minority leader into Madam Speaker. But in May the new Congress turned its back on the peace movement, granting Bush another $95 billion for war with no timetable for withdrawal. While the Speaker of the House herself voted against the war funding, she failed to put pressure on the conservative Democrats to form a united front against another blank check for war. She also failed to effectively use her power to decide what bills would come up for a vote. In the case of both the unrestricted war funding and the expanded FISA wiretapping, Pelosi had the ability to keep the bills off the floor but refused to do so...

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On September 6, 2007, Adam Kokesh (IVAW) and Tina Richards (Grassroots America) were arrested in Washington, D.C. for defying a federal government ban on posting promotional material for the September 15th Antiwar Rally...

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See Video -
Police break up anti-war meeting in Washington
Thu Sep 6, 5:35 PM ET
WASHINGTON (AFP) - Mounted police charged in to break up an outdoor press conference and demonstration against the Iraq war in Washington on Thursday, arresting three people, organizers and an AFP reporter said.

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Bring Them Home, Don't Be Fooled Again

Military Families Speak Out (MFSO) has just sent the message below and asked us to send it to the UFPJ member groups. MFSO has been an active member of UFPJ right from the beginning of the coalition. If you want more information about MFSO and their important work, please use the contact information at the bottom... Please pass along this to your lists and people who might be interested. Thanks.

Leslie Cagan
National Coordinator, UFPJ

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The Bush Motorcade arrives in Bellevue, WA to whore money for a Republican fundraiser...

Now THAT'S a warm welcome....

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Tuesday evening Aug. 28th the Tallahassee area took a stand. Sixty-five plus people came out to rally in front of the Old Capital at the corner of N. Monroe and Appalachee Parkway as part of the Coalition's National Take A Stand Day to send a message to Congress that it's time to end the Iraq Occupation and BRING THE TROOPS HOME! Over seven hundred rallies and town-halls occurred nationwide as part of the action.

It was a very spirited and vocal demonstration of the public disgust with the ongoing slaughter in Iraq. Car horns were blaring in approval of the action almost non-stop for two hours.

Pics on the flip....

Submitted by Lydia Vickers on August 29, 2007 - 10:38pm.


August 28, 2007

FAX TO: Senator Bill Nelson
All District Offices and
Washington, D. C.

Florida For Peace/Focus on Nelson
Phone: 850-385-5322

Dear Senator Nelson,

Thank you again for welcoming Pat, Mary and I to your Lafayette County town halls August 22nd.. We met some very nice people, lots of true "Nelson" supporters. Unfortunately it wasn't easy finding where you would be.

Senator Nelson, we believe that it's important for you to hear what Floridians are thinking and talking about regarding the war in Iraq. Staff in 3 of your district offices refused to give Florida For Peace members any information about where you were going to be and told us to call your Washington, D.C. office. The D.C. office was completely surprised and we were told that we should, indeed, be getting the
local meeting schedules from the district offices....

Submitted by Lydia Vickers on August 29, 2007 - 10:20pm.

Click Pic for info on FOCUS ON NELSONFFP member conference call - Thursday, August 30th, 8:30 PM (EDT)

Please join FFP members on the call Thursday night. Lydia Vickers, Cactus Pat, Mystic Mary and Beverley Wiscow and many others will be in Washington, D.C. in September. Could we take your personal message to your district representative? (details below the fold)...

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