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Bring Them Home, Don't Be Fooled Again

Military Families Speak Out (MFSO) has just sent the message below and asked us to send it to the UFPJ member groups. MFSO has been an active member of UFPJ right from the beginning of the coalition. If you want more information about MFSO and their important work, please use the contact information at the bottom... Please pass along this to your lists and people who might be interested. Thanks.

Leslie Cagan
National Coordinator, UFPJ

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The Bush Motorcade arrives in Bellevue, WA to whore money for a Republican fundraiser...

Now THAT'S a warm welcome....

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Guard Uses Taser on Man Holding Newborn By JUAN A. LOZANO Tue Aug 14
HOUSTON - In a confrontation captured on videotape, a hospital security guard fired a stun gun to stop a defiant father from taking home his newborn, sending both man and child crashing to the floor. Now William Lewis says his baby girl suffers from head trauma because she was dropped.

"I've got to wonder what kind of moron would Tase an adult holding a baby," said George Kirkham, a former police officer and criminologist at Florida State University. "It doesn't take rocket science to realize the baby is going to fall."...

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Iraq War Veteran Evan Knappenberger Sounds Alarm on Back Door Draft

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"Two years after the Bush administration's abysmal response to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, conservative policies are continuing to fail the people of New Orleans and the Gulf region. Visit to learn more."

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Stop Government Attacks Against the Anti-War Movement!
Take Action to Defend Free Speech
In an unprecedented action, the ANSWER Coalition today received citations fining the organization $10,000 for the placement of posters announcing the September 15 March on Washington DC. The fines come after a campaign led by FOX news calling for the DC government to take action against those putting up posters for the September 15 demonstration.

They have told us that we have 72 hours to remove every poster, or the fines will go into effect. Tens of thousands of dollars in additional fines are expected in the coming days. Bush’s Interior Department is threatening similar actions against ANSWER. The September 15 posters are legal and conform to city regulations. We will not allow the government's intimidation tactics to slow our outreach or silence the antiwar movement...

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Olbermann Analysis w/John Nichols

Transcript of Cheney video below...

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Florida Groups Push For End To War POSTED: 3:03 pm EDT August 7, 2007
KISSIMMEE, Fla. -- Florida For Peace pushed for a meeting with Sen. Bill Nelson at the Kissimmee library on Tuesday.

Members said they want Nelson to stand against President George W. Bush and end the war in Iraq.

Many groups congregated at the library to meet with Nelson, including Code Pink: Women For Peace.

Members said they feel Nelson has been supporting the war and want him to be one of 67 senators to override a presidential veto and bring troops home.

"I think he needs to realize he's hurting these troops more by not saying, 'Enough is enough' it's time to come home, and let's come up with a plan,' so the only way that's going to happen is to stop funding," Deidra Lynch of Florida For Peace said...

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Starring Jason Alexander as Rovemort, a Harry Potter-style right-wing wizard blocking all Democratic legislation...

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Part 1.

Part 2.

parts three, four and five below the fold along with the full transcript of the show...

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How to create an Angry American? by watching this video...

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This guy must watch FOX news!

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Click Pic for full-sized viewOur esteemed FL Senator, LOST IN SPACE!

The only thing that keeps coming to mind is the question, "What was he thinking?

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Michael Moore makes the case for media reform whilst putting CNN's Wolfie Blitzter in his place...

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