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ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR.: Now we've all heard the oil industry and the coal industry and their indentured servants in the political process telling us that global climate stability is a luxury that we can't afford. That we have to choose now between economic prosperity on the one hand and environmental protection on the other. And that is a false choice.

In 100% of the situations, good environmental policy is identical to good economic policy --- if we want to measure our economy, and this is how we ought to be measuring it, based upon how it produces jobs and the dignity of jobs over the generations, how it preserves the values of the assets of our community and how it averts the catastrophe of global warming....

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July 4th Message from Dennis Kucinich

Dear Friend,

Happy Birthday, America, from Dennis and Elizabeth. Today is Independence Day, the 4th of July. What would our forefathers think if they could see where this nation is today? What happened to their America, this land of the free, home of the brave? Would our founders be ashamed? I can tell you I sense a change in the wind. There is a hunger in this nation for a grand vision to bring us all together, to heal us and lift our spirits. There is a hunger for clarity, for a sense of purpose.

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Operation First Casualty NYC - another great short film...

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Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) members bring the truth of the occupation of Iraq to the streets of Chicago

Submitted by tnjp on June 13, 2007 - 7:36pm.

Incredible series of short videos asking people from all over the country "Is peace possible" from the SeaWallSinger...

Is peace possible? Bernice Reeves, Tallahassee, Florida

Jerry Leggett, The Sea Wall Singer and The Peace Bubble travel to Tallahassee, Florida to interview 96 year-old Bernice Reeves, asking the questions, "Is peace possible?" and "What would a more peaceful world look like?"...

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"Cynthia McKinney, former Congresswoman from Georgia, speaks about her possible 2008 Presidential campaign (Green Party ) and her political history."

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Kevin Zeese introduces Marine Mom Tina Richards of Grass Roots America, Garret Reppenhagen Chairman of the Board of Iraq Vets Against the War and Liam Madden, an IVAW member who is facing disciplinary action not only for speaking out while wearing a uniform but for "disloyal" statements while not wearing a uniform...

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IVAW Member Adam Kokesh may lose his "Honorable" status over a protest
Click here to read Adam Kokesh's letter requesting support and a copy of the notice he recieved from the Marine Corps detailing the charges against him. [Below this release is his letter to Captain Sibert and Brigadier General Moore, who is the convening authority for the hearing.]

After participating in an Iraq Veterans Against the War demonstration in Washington, DC earlier this year at which he wore parts of his uniform, Adam received a warning from Major Whyte, who had been assigned to investigate the incident. His strongly worded email response (see below) resulted in the Marine Corps pursuing Adam's separation from his current Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) status with an Other Than Honorable discharge...

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First Casualty, as in truth...

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On May 23, at the Vietnam Veterans memorial fountain in downtown Chicago, the local chapter of Iraq Veterans Against the War assembled and, ...

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"MARCH 12, 2007: THE EDGE's host Augi Schmitz interviews Kitty Garber and Susan Pynchon of the Florida Fair Elections Coalition...

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PBS Newshour video and written report below the fold...

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