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MOTHER'S DAY FOR PEACE - Reported by Deborah - May 8, 2007
Brave New Foundation launched a new short viral video in honor of Mother's Day featuring actresses Felicity Huffman, Vanessa Williams, Alfre Woodward, Christine Lahti and feminist icon Gloria Steinem. The video celebrates the original meaning of Mother's Day, founded during the Civil War as a call upon women to unite for peace in the name of children everywhere. The video is being distributed virally over the internet by Robert Greenwald's Brave New Foundation via You Tube in partnership with a large coalition of groups including the Unitarian Universalists, SEIU, Soldiers of Yesterday and Tomorrow, National Organization for Women (NOW), Coalition Against Militarism in Our Schools, United For Peace and Justice and others...

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Some human impeachment pics from around the country from the national A28 actions last week...
Coney Island, NY
Coney Island, NY
San Francisco, CA
"April 28 was the second Beach Impeach, and this time over 1,500 people came to San Francisco's Ocean Beach to make sure the message was even bigger and bolder. This time the letters were one hundred feet tall, and said IMPEACH NOW!"
San Francisco, CA
(more w/videos on the inside)

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Towards the end of what would otherwise have been a peaceful march and rally, LAPD riot police fired rubber bullets into a crowd of immigration reform demonstrators in Los Angeles Tuesday, May 1, 2007... (more videos below the fold)

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Updated May 23rd, watch new version now...
Voices of Patriotism Documentary by Bayard Stern - Eight Minutes May 23 revision, of March 19th , 2007 Luminary Event, Tallahassee, Florida...

TNJP's Pictorial Essay

Tom's Pic's, CP's Pic's...

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Impeachment Press Conference 4-25-07

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protest photographs along with "Bring Them Home" song...

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Today and yesterday, a compilation of Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die Rag videos. First up a present day interpretation with music by Chumbawamba... remember to sing along!

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