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Now this was interesting. I was ensconced in the basement of the CodePINK house hand coding the Bye Bye Gonzo going away party blog post when a ruckus erupted out front on the sidewalk. Seems a visit was being made by some pro-military types who were expressing their contempt of the CodePINK ladies' peaceful message. Some of the gals were a little ruffled by this appearance and others went outside for an "open meaningful discussion of views". I paid little attention as the situation didn't seem overtly threatening and I sent the wife, Mrs. Cactus, out to take a couple photos and went back to the tedium of preparing a blog post with eleven embedded photos.

Around the time I was making real progress, CodePINK friend Lydia comes in and suggests the pro-military group needs to see some "MEN" come out of the house to show them its not just women in the group. So I figure, what the hey?, and mosey out to take measure of the goings-on...

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SEPTEMBER 11, 2007
1:15 PM

CONTACT: United for Peace and Justice
Sue Udry: 301-325-1201;
Leslie Cagan: 212-868-5545;
Erik Leaver: 202-787-5240

Iraq: The People's Report
WASHINGTON - September 11 -With General Petraeus claiming significant progress in Iraq, United for Peace and Justice, the largest national coalition of peace organizations with some 1,400 member groups, deplores his misleading and cynical report to Congress. The "surge" of U.S. forces in Iraq has not led to security, stability or peace. In fact, this past summer was the deadliest since the war began in 2003. General Petraeus' recommendation to withdraw one Marine unit this month and a bridge combat team sometime in December comes nowhere near ending the U.S. military engagement in Iraq...

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"Two years after the Bush administration's abysmal response to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, conservative policies are continuing to fail the people of New Orleans and the Gulf region. Visit to learn more."

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Chalk4Peace2007 SEPT 15 -23 - The Global Street Art Event

Thursday, 23 August 2007

The pavements are an untapped media resource through which we ordinary peace loving folk can share our messages, hopes, dreams, ideas and create a new momentum towards peace - at a certain point there is critical mass in the cultural conversation which transforms into ACTION...

Submitted by Carol on August 21, 2007 - 9:58pm.

National Take A Stand Day -- Come join Florida For Peace,, Tallahassee Network for Justice and Peace, Code Pink, Veterans For Peace, Vietnam Veterans Against The War, Tallahassee Now, Military Families Speak Out, True Majority, United for Peace and Justice, USAction, Working Assets and Americans Against Escalation in Iraq. Go to to sign up.

Please come join us on August 28th at 7:00 pm in front of the old Capitol Building at the corner of Apalachee Parkway and Monroe Street. We will be holding a candlelight vigil to let our congressmen know "Enough is enough".

When most members of Congress get back to DC this September, what do you think they're going to remember about their August vacation? That day out on the fairway with the oil and gas lobbyists? The fat check they got from that big developer? The 100th baby they kissed?...

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Carol Stachurski, Tallahassee
MoveOn Community Coordinator
THURSDAY, AUGUST 16, 2007 850-933-6152

*** Press Event: Thursday, August 16, 12 noon ***

Tallahassee – On Thursday, August 16, members of Political Action in Tallahassee will release a new report, "War at Home" highlighting the cost of the Iraq War to residents in every congressional district, including Florida's 2nd Congressional District...

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A Laboratory for Latin America's New Militarism
By Benjamin Dangl Guerilla News Network Friday 03 August 2007

US troops establish a foothold in Paraguay.

Two soldiers in Paraguay stand in front of a camera. One of them holds an automatic weapon. John Lennon's "Imagine" plays in the background. This Orwellian juxtaposition of war and peace is from a new video posted online by U.S. soldiers stationed in Paraguay. The video footage and other military activity in this heart of the continent represent a new style of militarism in Latin America...

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Energy Justice Summer & Bucket Brigade Training August 3-5

Hey Friends,
Saturday - we have a group of college students coming to Perry (led by Jason Misner, Climate Action organizer), and we are taking them on the "toxic tour", - the trip they'll never forget! (you are welcome to come too!)

Then from 2-5 on Saturday, we will have a very special thing happen in Perry: Bucket Brigade training to show us how to capture and measure air pollution. You need to be there! Anyone interested in air pollution will enjoy and benefit from this excellent training. We hope to establish a Bucket Brigade in Perry...

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Report on UFPJ Participation in the U.S. Social Forum
July 23rd, 2007
The first ever United States Social Forum was an overwhelming success. Held in Atlanta from June 27th to July 1st, 12,000 people officially registered, and up to 15,000 participated in workshops and related cultural and political activities. Every state was represented as well as Mexico, Palestine, Guam, Puerto Rico and 64 other countries.

There were 1,000 plenaries, workshops and cultural events. United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) made a strong showing among the nearly 1,000 groups present. We led eight workshops, had a representative speak on a major plenary, sponsored one of the main cultural events and played a positive role in the three day Peace Caucus...

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4 ITEMS 2 NEW + 25 Links 22JUL2077

Friends Committee on National Legislation [The Quakers] WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER yard signs are now available in Tallahassee at the Eternal Peace Vigil and Quarter Moon Imports

New/Changed items indicated with =

item 1 Eternal Capitol Peace Vigil

=item 2 "Sustainable Big Bend Living Center" 28 JUL2007
Planning Meeting

=item 3 25 links of interest

item 4 Removal and Submission Instructions

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7-19-3-07 We have our work cut out for us. 70% of people in the U.S. now oppose the war and occupation in Iraq. How can we move them to action?

That was the central question at United for Peace and Justice's recent national assembly. Out of those discussions came an ambitious plan of action for the next several months, grounded in the urgency of the current moment: the daily mounting death toll, the countless wounded, the destruction of Iraq's infrastructure, and the robbing of our communities at home in order to pay for all of this madness.

Between now and November, we are supporting and helping to build a series of important campaigns, initiated by UFPJ member groups and allies. They are focused on decentralized, locally based activities and events, and are designed to engage people in their own communities by offering specific, concrete ways to take action and become part of the peace and justice movement. (See below for further details...)

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ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR.: Now we've all heard the oil industry and the coal industry and their indentured servants in the political process telling us that global climate stability is a luxury that we can't afford. That we have to choose now between economic prosperity on the one hand and environmental protection on the other. And that is a false choice.

In 100% of the situations, good environmental policy is identical to good economic policy --- if we want to measure our economy, and this is how we ought to be measuring it, based upon how it produces jobs and the dignity of jobs over the generations, how it preserves the values of the assets of our community and how it averts the catastrophe of global warming....

Submitted by Carol on July 10, 2007 - 6:18pm.

Cindy Sheehan is back in a Journey for Humanity and it is coming to New Orleans Wednesday July, 11. On her way from Crawford Texas to Washington DC and NY, NY. July 11 arrive New Orleans, LA. 3 events in N.O.

#1 Time: 3pm

Location: Lower Ninth Ward on corner of Deslonde St and N Derbigney St

Rally @ Common Ground Relief's distribution Center. Tour Levee wall, discuss issues with residents and volunteers.

#2. Time: 5pm:

Location: Emergency Communities Kitchen on St Claude. Lower Ninth Ward.

Tour free Kitchen discuss issues with residents and volunteers.

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REPORT ON U.S. SOCIAL FORUM by Bruce K. Gagnon July 5, 2007
This trip report covers the period of June 27 - July 2 as Mary Beth Sullivan and I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to attend the U.S. Social Forum on behalf of the Global Network.

Mary Beth and I were encouraged to attend the first-ever U.S. Social Forum (USSF) by WILPF and Global Network member Carol Urner from Oregon. Carol invited Mary Beth and I to speak at two workshops she organized - one called War in Space or Life on Earth and the other called A War Economy or an Economy for Peace?...

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