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United Nations Independent Expert on Rights of Migrants Continues U.S. Fact-Finding Mission in Florida

Florida Visit Includes Investigation of Migrant Conditions in Immokalee and Haitian Detention and Deportation Policies
Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Paul Silva, ACLU, (212) 549-2689 or 2666,
Brandon Hensler, ACLU of Florida, (786) 363-2700

IMMOKALEE, Fla. The American Civil Liberties Union today welcomed the official fact-finding visit to the United States by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants. The ACLU is among several groups and individuals selected to meet with the Special Rapporteur to testify about the conditions of immigrants and migrants living in the United States....

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Florida Peace Links


Links for Peace & Justice Groups in Florida

Florida - Statewide

Florida Action
Florida Action has created this online and technical infrastructure whereby local groups can work closely with other Florida Peace & Justice groups and their members by recruiting other groups to endorse, participate and co-sponsor their projects.

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UFPJ Stands with Immigrant Communities to Challenge Bush’s Policies at Home and Abroad

On May 1, immigrant communities and rights groups across the country will vigil, march, boycott and rally for justice. Last year, more than a million marched on May 1 for immigration law reform.

In solidarity, United for Peace and Justice urges our member groups to join the May 1 activities in communities near you. We join the call for justice for immigrant communities as we challenge the Bush administration’s policies both at home and abroad.

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The New SDS
Christopher Phelps
posted April 2, 2007 (April 16, 2007 issue)
Twenty-year-old Will Klatt, wearing a green knit hat, baggy jeans and black jacket pulled over a hoodie, stands before a Civil War monument at the center of Ohio University's main campus in Athens. Although a February snow is falling steadily, more than a hundred students have turned out for this rally called by a new organization with a very familiar name: Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)...

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We Are NOT Buying It!

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by Cloy Richards USMC

Because I can't forget no matter how hard I try.
They told us we were taking out advancing Iraqi
forces, but when we went to check out the bodies
they were nothing but women and children
desperately fleeing their homes because
they wanted to get out of the city
before we attacked in the morning... (more)

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Operation Iraq Liberation
by Tom Baxter, April 5, 2003

"...they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind."

I opposed the war with Iraq. I still do. I'll continue to be out on the street with my sign, NO BLOOD FOR OIL. When I came back from Vietnam in 1969, I was challenged by peaceniks as to the justice of my county's actions there. I've spent the last 30 years studying our history trying to find out why. I see the same deception and the same bloody quagmire coming in Iraq as we faced in Vietnam, the Philippines and Nicaragua...

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